Alicia's Bio

Haunting, ethereal, mesmerizing and enchanting. These are just a few of the adjectives that been used to describe Alicia’s music. In a style original to her own, Alicia has written and recorded dozens of powerful songs that have been released on 3 albums.

Dreamscape Volume 1 and Dreamscape Volume 2 were released in 1998. Alicia's third album, Renewal, was released a decade later in 2009.

At the early age of 6, little Alicia began experimenting with a piano in her childhood home. Her parents were startled when not more than a few months later she had written her first composition, Unicorns. A prodigy had been discovered. By the age of 16 she was hired to play at an exquisite wedding. This became the first of her many professional performances. Her experience has included playing countless times at restaurants, weddings, funerals, gatherings, art galleries, movie scores, and much more...

During the last few years, Alicia’s art has taken several new directions. She has written songs for both film and commercials. Alicia also has contributed her talent to the art scene in Grand Rapids , Michigan. One of her tracks has served as an auditory backdrop for an ArtPrize Exhibit in 2010. Looking ahead to 2012, Alicia is currently writing songs for her 4th (and as of yet, untitled) album.